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Outside Looking In, Enterprise is a nonprofit organization located in Great Boston Area whose mission is to help young adults to have better education and become highly competitive professionals in the fast-moving environments.

Organizational OverviewEdit

Outside Looking In, Enterprises (OLI) was founded during 2006 by Nakita Bowman as a way to provide educational consultant services for all people regardless of age, nationality, or gender to obtain information related to attending college and/or training via scholarships, grants, service, etc. the educational consultancy is based upon the self-published book she published back in 2008 called “How to Build Wealth with Knowledge from Middle School to College-learn to profit from what you didn’t know”.

In addition, Ms. Bowman has hosted and taught accompanying workshops and book tours based upon the book called the Knowledge & Empowerment tour targeting Colleges, Churches, Charities, Charter Schools, Community Centers and so forth. OLI has already hosted workshop seminars in schools and communities throughout the United States such as Los Angeles United School District, United Neighbors of Lower Roxbury, Sports Explorer (Los Angeles, CA), to name a few.

Product and ServicesEdit

The Book: 2008-How to Build Wealth with Knowledge

Services: Liaison with students, parents, community leaders in preparing for college Knowledge & empowerment tour/workshop focusing on: resume writing, interviewing skills, college success, Essay writing for scholarships, young women empowerment, leadership, networking and mentoring, dress for success, basic tools and survival in the corporate world.